The file of my story: what did the CERTuy told the judge.

Presidencial’s information security responsable told the Judge he did not remember any report from me about the problems in the system of the medical provider!!!! He mentions he took a look at the mails and records and COULD NOT find any report from me regarding that situation!!!

Can you belive that ? Ok I AM STUPID, here in Uruguay you have to say you do not remeber anything in case of being interrogated for any issue. I told all the truth about everything and they had no mercy with me kicking me while I was on the floor.

There like 1000 more things I should and will point out about the file of the crazy case.

I am including just a paragraph, of one page of the 998-pages file of the case of my crazy story.

Trust me, the file for me is the best script ever made for the best comedy Hollywood could film. I am laughting and crying at the same time for the things that I read. But the truth is that this story is really sad.

Below is the text translated to English using Yandex translate.

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